Grand Council Honors

General Grand Council Cryptic Mason of the Year

One medal each year presented to a Cryptic Mason by the General Grand Council to a man selected by each Grand Council for outstanding service to Cryptic Masonry. Each Grand Council and each subordinate Council will select its own Cryptic Mason of the Year.

General Grand Council Adult Leadership Award

One medal presented annually in each Jurisdiction affiliated with General Grand Council to a nominee who shall be a leader in one of the youth organizations recognized by the General Grand Council, namely: Order of DeMolay, Order of Rainbow for Girls or Order of Job’s Daughters.

Brownlee-Shearer Traveling Zabud Apron

Each year, the Grand Council of Royal and Select Masters in Mississippi recognizes one outstanding Companion who has demonstrated outstanding proficiency in Council ritual. The recipient only possesses the Apron for one year, at which time he passes it on to his successor.